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Ability to Temporal-Berserk is a great gift, but an even greater danger. You can leap forward and plan your attack on your way back in time, but once again in your own body there is no controlling the berserk rage.

Mastery over the "temporal-berserk-perk" takes years, but once the hardh trening of body and mind is completed, gives super human strength and combat abilities.

You are one of the Temporal-Berserkers, and your goal is the Unindinium Cristal guarded by the evil robots - getting it should be easy. Right?


Plan your route by clicking on the tiles to form a path. You can move over the boxes, but you cannot change direction while the dash is initiated. Once back in your body observe if the path you chosen leads to victory. Don't be discouraged by the first failure - perfection comes through repetition. Stupid robots does not have temporal-memory, they will behave the same way in each space time continuum.

*** FOOTNOTE ***

This game was created in 48h during Komiks Game Jam 2016 in Lodz Poland. Big thanks to Kowal for helping me out with robot and berserker sprites.

The theme of the Jam was "Right to Left"

There is no sound in this game - sorry, not enough time :/


TemporalBerserker.zip 11 MB

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