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The Room of Mysteries: Call of the Tribal Mask is a game made for the 2015 leap motion jam by two persons, @HalamaDariusz and @FilipLoster

Your goal is to open the locked safe laying on the bed and in order to do so you will need all your wits, skills, luck, PC, oculus and leap motion controller attached in front of it.

It will be nice if you plug your headphones as well, to appriciate the state of the art background fan sounds - but we won't judge you if you decide not to ;)

To navigate around the room touch the "walk" icons, to enter the pass-codes push the buttons and to discover all the mysteries, look around you and make some mess.

If you happened to be stuck on the puzzle, check out the solution video: https://youtu.be/zJTdO7J5cWQ


TheRoomOfMysteriesCallOfTheTribalMask.zip 70 MB

Install instructions

The game should work on most of the windows PC supporting the oculus rift. You will need also the oculus rift itself and leap motion controller connected to your machine.

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