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A playdate puzzle game made during Halloween Game Jam in Spellkollektivet.
Play as a cute plague doctor on a quest to earn enough coins to reach his friend before the night ends.

Rules & Instructions:

- Gather 7 coins during 5 loops by defeating monsters or opening chests.

- Rotate the crank to select encounters and press any button once ready. Watch out for the bonfire flame! Once it's out, the loop will begins!

- Pick up swords to increase your attack power, defeat enemies by having bigger power than them. 

- Pick up keys to open chests, and poison to 2x power of your next sword. 

- Watch out for poo! It'll overwrite any item you currently hold.

Good luck good hunter!

Made with <3 By:

Bartosz Stochel: Code & Music

Sebastian Jelen: Code

Filip Loster: Code & Design

Leene Kunnap: Art

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsFilip Loster, bhq, seehj
Made withPlaydate
Tags1-bit, Playdate
Average sessionA few minutes


Loopwood_fix.pdx.zip 9 MB


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I love this game. beautiful art, and music, reminds me of Loop Hero, so having something like that on the Playdate is amazing!!! thanks for this game :)

awesome - i always hoped for something like loop hero on playdate! The main character is very cute

sideload error! Please fix it and make a zip file for download. thx

Done :)

I got an error while trying to sideload 

Found duplicate key "pdxversion" in pdxinfo

Fixed build is there - enjoy!

fyi, it failed to sideload:  

"Found duplicate key "pdxversion" in pdxinfo"


Ah damn, sorry for that!
Uploaded fixed build :)